Meet the Founder: Jasmine Marie


Hi! I’m Jasmine Marie (@MarieSaintJames)— you may know me from my company Maison St. James. I live in Austin, and I’m the founder of Regime Des Velours, an all natural skincare line with one hero product: Velvet.


Velvet Superfood Face Oil was born out of my own journey to healthy happy skin. For so long I focused on unrealistic skin standards from the ‘Glass skin’ phenomenon to the 12 step Korean skincare routine. It wasn’t until I started simplifying my skin care regimen and focusing on the quality of ingredients that I saw a real improvement.


Régime des Velours  [ euh-zheem, rey-jeem]

Noun def.

  1. A mode or system of rule or prevailing system
  2. A collection of boss babes who enjoy #GlowJobs


Real skin has texture, much like velvet, hence the name. Velvet Face Oil is filled with superfood oils that feed your skin the nutrients it needs to thrive. A delicious blend of cold pressed seed oils fortify the skins moisture barrier with antioxidants, vitamins, essential amino acids, Omegas 3-6-9, and discoloration fighting botanicals. 


I’m thrilled to be sharing what works for me with you all. The beauty industry is filled with so many unhealthy, unrealistic advice that is more harmful than helpful. RDV will be a beam of light that cuts thru the noise and shares the path to better skin for the world.


—Jasmine Marie